About Us


Welcome to the about us page! My name is Jami, and I'm the founder of Port of Hope. I am very passionate about helping the chronic illness community in as many ways as possible and Port of Hope is an extension of that passion.

I lived with chronic pain and chronic fatigue for four years and one of the constant problems that I came across was how to take my supplements and medications while I was out of the house. For the longest time, I used plastic bags, put my meds in my pocket, or in a pouch in my bag. I soon realised that I wasn't the only person to have this issue and said about creating a product that would make it easier to take things on the go.

Port of Hope was born!

Our goal is really to create products that help make life more accessible, joyful, and hopeful for people living with chronic illnesses and disabilities And use all of those proceeds to fund initiatives that help the chronicle this community through our charity Chronic Hope.

Your support means so much to us!